Our Mission: True Life Change 

These fundamental beliefs and principles guide our behavior and purpose at Springfield First as Jesus taught in the Great Commandment:

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength; and love your neighbor as yourself.”     Mark 12:30-31


Our Core Values

Love God; Build Community; Unleash Compassion

Love God

  • We seek to be Christ-centered and live in God's GLORY, through worship, prayer, and reading Scripture. Led by the Holy Spirit, we choose to follow God's will in our decisions.
  • It is only through God's GRACE that we receive salvation through faith in Jesus Christ and that we love and follow God first in our lives.

Build Community

  • Through discipleship, we experience GROWTH together in faith, no matter where we are on our spiritual journey. We invest in people of all ages, and we empower others to lead. As we grow in our spiritual life, it becomes our responsibility to help those who are starting their faith journey.
  • In Christ, we commit to integrity and unity by living authentically, practicing humility, being respectful, and showing kindness as we love one another. This family of faith cares for and supports one another in GROUP as we do life together. All are welcome here.

Unleash Compassion

  • As a missional church, we use our individual GIFTEDNESS to reach out with compassion to others both locally and globally, showing the love of Jesus.
  • We live out GENEROSITY with our time, talents, gifts, service, and witness. We follow Christ's example of serving others, putting their needs ahead of our own.

Our Spiritual Journey 

We continue to lead people into a closer relationship with Jesus. We are all on our own personal journey with Christ. Sometimes we are moving forward on that journey and sometimes backward. Regardless of where we are, Jesus is calling us to take the next step into a deeper relationship with Him.

Our Spiritual Journey: Exploring Christ, Growing in Christ, Close to Christ, Christ Centered

Exploring Christ

You are seeking and considering what it means to have a relationship with Christ.

Growing in Christ

After making a decision to follow Jesus, you are growing in faith.

Close to Christ

You are seeking guidance from Christ in daily activities.


You live surrendered to Christ, with Him in control of everything you do.


Let's take the next step in our journey together!

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