There is much work to do in the world, and you can help impact lives and communities. Take the next step in your spiritual journey and be a part of a mission experience.

Feed Haiti Project



In April 2022, volunteers filled 15,600 bags of rice, soy, vegetables, and vitamins. Each bag provides 6 meals, meaning we shipped 93,600 meals to Haiti through our partnership with Midwest Mission Distribution Center. We know that the food gets to its destination because we have photos of our bags in the hands of Haitian children!

Henderson Settlement

Annually, a team usually goes to the beautiful but poverty-stricken Appalachian mountains. They do construction projects to help a family in need, including building porches and repairing roofs.

"We saw the hands of God and His guidance and kindness throughout the week. God's love and mercy always sees us through!"
-Sue Nelson, Henderson Trip Participant

Rippling Hope in Detroit

A team has been to Detroit during the past two summers to help with various improvement projects for local inner-city homeowners. They worked with the Rippling Hope Mission to build a porch, install a security door, put up drywall, resurface a kitchen floor, clean gutters, paint, and more!

"Instead of what we were able to give to the homeowners, it was more what they gave to us. They renewed my faith in mankind. I came away with a new sense of HOPE for us all."
-Jim Stricker, Rippling Hope trip participant

Haiti Missions

We regularly have mission trips to Haiti; however, due to recent civil unrest, we have been unable to go since 2019. We continue to support the School of Hope in Haiti, and we pray for our Haitian friends. We are eager to get back to Haiti when we can!

"I guarantee you will have a deeper understanding of who Jesus is through these types of experiences of helping others who have absolutely nothing."
-Shane Sims, Haiti trip team leader

Liberia Missions

Springfield First has had a long and rich relationship with our brothers and sisters of the Weala District in Liberia, one of the poorest parts of Liberia. We have helped to build a clinic and a school, as well as provide the means for repairing the district parsonage and church. We have also worked with this district to provide clean water for the school and those living close to the school, and we sent a $6,000 special donation to assist with the COVID response in Weala. As we continue to support the students through scholarships and the medical clinic, we hope to continue to deepen our relationships with the people of the Weala district.

If you would like to find out more about going on a mission trip, contact Jennifer Hoerner.