Followers of Jesus profess faith in Jesus, put their whole trust in his grace, and promise to serve him as their Lord. This entails learning to obey what Jesus taught. And what did Jesus teach? That’s our focus in this message series. For centuries, the “Sermon on the Mount” in Matthew has been understood as a core presentation of Christ’s teachings. Some of these teachings are inspiring, others are very difficult, but all of them offer transformative power to any who would obey them.

Jesus said those who build their lives on his teachings will be like a wise builder who built a house on a strong foundation of rock. Even though storms come, the well-built house will withstand any storm. Our goal for this message series is to build our lives on the rock of Christ as we learn to do what Jesus taught us to do.

Sermon Topics

September 12 & 13:  The Beatitudes

September 19 & 20:  Salt, Light, & Righteousness

September 26 & 27:  "But I Say" (Anger, Adultery, Divorce, & Oaths)

October 3 & 4:  Retaliation & Enemies

October 10 & 11:  Alms & Prayer

October 17 & 18:  Fasting, Treasures, Light, Mammon

October 24 & 25:  Do Not Worry

October 31 & November 1:  Judging Others, The Golden Rule

November 7 & 8:  Hearers & Doers