All of us want to lead good lives. But we can often question whether the paths we are on will lead us to true goodness. With constant messages about “the good life” sent to us through advertising, and with so many options seemingly available to us, we can find that choosing the right path can be difficult.

This study will look at six stories from the Bible as an entry way into discussion on these six topics: purpose, family, relationships, change, blessing others, and stress. Ultimately, the good life is found in Jesus and the abundant life that he brings.

We are offering small groups to dig deeper into this series.

Series Schedule

September 11: Discovering Purpose in This Season

September 18: Complicated Families

September 25: Relationships (That) Matter

October 2: Growing Through Changes

October 9: Blest To Be a Blessing

October 16: Staying Fresh in Seasons of Stress