2023-2024 school year

Play-Based, Child-Led Preschool

  • Monday-Thursday, 9:00-11:30am
  • Ages 3-5 (turning 3 no later than October 31, turning 6 no earlier than May 30)
  • 2023-2023 school year starts September 5, follows Springfield 186 school district calendar for snow days, holidays, etc.
  • Curriculum: The Creative Curriculum, Conscious Discipline, Early Learning and Developmental Standards of Illinois
  • Cost: $200 per month

Contact: Kacey Belitsos

What does play-based learning look like at Springfield First Preschool?

At Springfield First Preschool, students will have at least 1 hour of uninterrupted time to engage in open-ended play invitations in different interest areas. Children get to select and direct their play. The teacher and assistants are facilitators in discussions and a support in their play and interactions with their peers.

Children also get to look forward to:

  • Circle Times: The class will gather twice to hear stories, engage in music and movement, hear from special guests, and more.
  • Small Group Activities: Students may have a small group activity time to learn a new game or engage in a cooking activity, science experiment, collaborative art project, and more.
  • In-School Events: Holiday parties, Thanksgiving family gathering, Mother's Day Tea, and more.
  • Field Trips: Pumpkin patch, Lincoln Memorial Gardens, museums, and more.
  • Special Events: Spring Festival, Movie Night, Creative Cooking Night, Garden Day, and more.
  • Special Guests: Family members and friends come in and share about their jobs, animal rescues/conservation groups, community helpers, and more!

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SpringfieldFirstPreschool/