Join us for our Summer Events!

Each week, we will have an event for students to come and connect! Join our texting group or email Jordan Thomas to receive more detailed information.


June 14:

Progressive Meal
Meet at the church at 11:00am; pick up at 1:00pm.
Bring $10 for food.

June 18:

Serve Event
Meet at the church at 12:00pm; pick up at 2:30pm.

June 21:

Paint Day @ the church

June 24-26:

Camping/Canoeing @ Turkey Run
Meet at the church at 9:00am. Limited spots for sign-up.
Cost is $20.

June 28-July 1:

Serve Week @ Contact Ministries

July 1:

Ye Ole Bonfire @ the church

July 7:

Six Flags St. Louis
Meet at the church at 8:00am; pick up at 8:00pm. Limited spots for sign-up.
Cost is $30.

July 16:

Pool Partay! @ the church

July 19-20:

Junior/Senior Trip @ Chicago
Meet at the church at 8:00am.
Bring money for 2 meals.

July 22:

Route 66 Drive-in
Meet at the drive-in at 8:00pm; movie starts at 8:45pm.
Cost is $8.

July 26:

Boat Day @ Lake Shelbyville
Meet at the church at 9:00am; pick up at 7:00pm.
Cost is $10.

July 31-August 4:

Memphis Mission Trip
Meet in Memphis (just kidding!).
Information available at Parent Meeting on June 27 after 9:00am worship service.
Cost is $375.

August 10:

Animals, Arcades, Adv. @ St. Louis Zoo & Edison's Entertainment Complex in Edwardsville
Meet at the church at 8:00am; pick up at 8:00/9:00pm.
Cost is $30.

August 13:

The Clash @ the church

Sunday Night StudentLife

Sunday nights over the summer will look different for youth group: we will be doing house groups! Youth group will still be at 6:00-8:00pm, but, instead of meeting the church, we will be meeting at these homes:

  • 6th-9th graders will meet at the Paris house (1613 Cressa Court, Springfield)
  • 10th-12th graders will meet at the Barrett house (3605 Buckeye Dr, Springfield)

Sunday Morning Class

  • Sundays at 10:00am
  • Meet in the StudentLife room (Room 8) to be engaged and challenged to wade into Scripture and apply it to daily life. Our main goal is to create a time where students feel safe to ask questions and challenge ideas so that they can OWN their faith.

We hope you can come and hang out with us at StudentLife!

Continue to check back for more details! Let Jordan Thomas know if you have any questions.