Pastors & Ministry Staff

Rev. Dr. Roger Grimmett

Lead Pastor
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Rev. Justin Snider

Associate Pastor
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Bob Dodd

Executive Director
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Kacey Belitsos

EarlyLife & Preschool Director
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Carli Burton

Director of Senior Ministries
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Dr. See Tsai Chan

Associate Director of Music Ministry
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Kelsie Fairfull

KidLife Director
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Allison Means

Worship Arts Director
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Brennan Pappas

Director of Technical Arts
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Sydney Pappas

StudentLife Director
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Sharon Sweeney

Director of Connections
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Support Staff

Dara Bose

Accountant & Publications/
Social Media Manager
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Dayton Emery

Technical Arts Assistant/
Video Producer
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Renoldo Gayton

Lead Custodian
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Josh Groves

Facilities Manager
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Sally Howard

Executive Assistant
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Jenny Hutcherson

Financial Administrator
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Kathy Kerr

Administrative Assistant
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