One of the best ways to deepen our understanding of God, the Bible, and God's will for our lives is through classes and studies. Explore the options below. Find one you like, and dive in!

*Except where noted, classes and studies are on hold until the church building can be reopened.


Sunday Morning


24/7 Life

Room 5
For adults of all ages
Contact: Jeff Whitehouse


Room 6
For adults of all ages
Contact: Heather Overton-Behl



Room 4
For ages 50-70
Contact: Max Webster

Christian Perspectives

Room 5
For adults of all ages
*Meeting remotely.
Contact: Terri Hampstead

Couples & Families

Room 6
For ages 35-60
Contact: Mud Meister

Great Expectations

Room 7
For adults of all ages
Contact: Ewing & Rena Harris


Atrium 4
For ages 60+
Contact: Bill Robertson

Up 'n' Comers

Atrium 2
For ages 50+
Contact: Sherry Sinnott

Bible Studies

Men's Studies

Monday Night Bible Study

Room 1
Contact: Max Webster

Tuesday Morning Bible Study

*Meeting remotely.
Contact: John Marsaglia

Women's Studies

Tuesday Morning Bible Study

Rooms 5/6
Contact: Kris Fries or Jean Webster

Support Groups

Grief Share

This 12-week seminar is designed to help those who have lost someone significant in their lives. Led by a caring team of experienced volunteers, this group offers helpful information, comforting resources, and supportive times with others who have experienced a loss.
Contact: Trish Quintenz

Cancer Support Group

The Cancer Support Group will not meet until further notice.
"Always live in hope, for He who promised is faithful."  Hebrews 10:23

Short-Term Classes

G6 Class

When we talk about being disciples of Jesus Christ, many people ask, "What is a disciple?" The 6-week G6 Class will detail six characteristics of a deeply devoted disciple of Jesus Christ, all beginning with the letter “G.”

Glory – worshiping God
Grace – imparting Christ’s love
Growth – celebrating spiritual disciplines
Group – doing life together
Giftedness – serving others
Generosity – sharing compassionately

The G6 Class is a pre-requisite for becoming a New Member at Springfield First, but you are not required to join the church after taking the G6 Class.

Check back to find out when the next G6 Class will be offered.

Contact: Sharon Sweeney